ENZYMAL Human - Product description

100% Natural Dietary Supplement. It can complete traditional diet well. ENZYMAL HUMAN contains substances in concentrate form with a physiological effect.
Contains Aloe Vera juice. Vegan

INGREDIENTS Per / 300 ml. (g) Active components
Filtered water 165,0 -
Rice bran 36,0 Amino acids
Wholegrain rice 30,0 Essential fatty acid
Papaya 24,0 papain
Seaweed 15,0 Iodine
Aloe vera 9,0 Flavonoids
Green tea 6,0 Polifenols
Total EM-X komplex 15,0 Enzymes
2 times a day, maximum dose 5 ml daily.

Keep recommended daily dose, do not exceed the recommended daily dose NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING WOMEN & CHILDREN.

Mix with tea, fruit juice or water before drink.
Keep bottle tightly closed. Store in cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.
Consume within 8 weeks after opening.
Keep out of reach of children.

Best before date: see bottom of package / 2 years after production date…..
More additional information:
Because of its ingredients, the liquid has a unique smell, its color is gold-brown.
Floating particles can occur, but it has no effect on quality.
Consumption of this dietary supplement can not replace balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
Place of origin: EU
Distributor: BioPharmaTech s.r.o.
Made in: EU
Licenced by Euro Medico Swiss AG